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Our Company (LUGLI GIOVANNI d.i.) has been operating in the real estate brokerage sector for many years. Today, in the tradition of professionalism, seriousness and transparency consolidated and conquered over time, it follows the new path of the Grimaldi family which, thanks to its traditions and solid deep roots, has created the first circuit of prestigious professional real estate agents who identify themselves under a only image: L'IMMOBILIARE.COM.

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For over 20 years I have been treating my clients' properties as if they were my own

> Here is the interview with Giovanni Lugli, a highly experienced real estate agent who has always chosen not to work alongside franchised real estate groups, but who has recently joined the Grimaldi Family's real estate network as a Partner.

> Mr. Lugli you are a real estate operator with a long experience. Can you tell us how you started your business in this sector?

I started back in 1996, partly for fun and partly for a bet. Some friends told me to go and work with them because they were opening an agency in the center of Milan and that it would be a great opportunity for me because it's a profession where you work little and earn a lot. Hahaha, what a rip off, it wasn't true! I worked hard and worked hard to achieve good results. Over time, I have discovered that it is a job that requires a lot of preparation, time and dedication. But it is a wonderful job that takes you into people's homes, the sumptuous and opulent ones and the elegant and sober ones, those designed and furnished by famous architects and those customized directly by the owners with their own hands. I started out like many real estate agents, ringing the bells, then I studied, I followed training courses, I always kept up to date with trade associations and with time and patience I managed to make myself appreciated by the clients who still follow me. after so many years, because I treat their properties as if they were my own. I have developed a strong sensitivity in evaluations and a great attention to leases which are a significant part of our business. Today we have a well-tested and run-in team, made up of different people but with the same goal: to work with the pleasure of doing it!

> > With its Real Estate Agency, San Martino Immobiliare - present in Milan, Piazza Cinque Giornate - has recently chosen to become a Partner of the L'immobiliare.com Network. How did the idea come about?

This idea did not arise, it was proposed to me by Alessandro Masiero, a nice, brilliant and, at the same time, reassuring person. I immediately had a good feeling and was told about the project, the team and the organization; he introduced me to the Grimaldi brothers, the whole team and I must say that I didn't have to make choices, I immediately felt at home. I had never joined a franchise because I have always cared about my independence and I found in this Partner formula an excellent solution to have visibility, support, training, comparison and collaboration while maintaining the freedom that characterizes me however, I immediately felt in a strong and cohesive group, where I feel good. I am making new experiences, such as the recent one with the business trip to Spain-Costa del Sol where we were able to "touch" the local real estate investments to be offered to Italian customers and thanks to the branching out on the territory I was able to accept sales assignments that I should have ignored. It really seems to me that we are making a good journey and I hope I too can give my contribution to this great group.

> > How is your agency structured today at an operational level and what instruments do you mainly use for the acquisition of properties?

The agency has a light structure, made up of independent professionals, some with years of experience and others younger but, being a centralizer, we work side by side. It is a family environment, we also have external correspondents and we know how to adapt according to the task entrusted to us, for example the preparation of the sales office on site or the management of the leases of an entire building.

> How important is collaboration between real estate agencies to you and how much does being part of the same network change in the relationship?

I am an advocate of collaboration, even in unsuspecting years where the agencies did not collaborate for any reason, locked in their impregnable bunker. I've always collaborated because it's a good opportunity for others, for you and for the owners, it helps the market move faster. Surely the web has been the accelerator of collaboration, it seems to me that today the agents who do not collaborate are a minority, in all cases the


WHEN YOU BUY A HOME WE CAN HELP YOU CHOOSE | Thanks to our professionals we are able to provide you with the right advice and to present you with the solution that best suits your needs, within a large and selected real estate portfolio. In fact, it is sufficient to leave your data and the characteristics of the property sought to be entered in our database, so as to be contacted quickly. Furthermore, for your maximum guarantee, the forms are simple and complete. You will then be followed in every phase of the negotiation, up to the notarial deed. Where necessary, we will be able to manage exchanges and inform you of agreements with the best banking institutions to provide financial services suited to your needs.

WHEN YOU SELL A HOUSE WE KNOW HOW TO VALUE YOUR PROPERTY | Our network is made up of serious and well-prepared professionals, able to provide you with free real estate consultancy to establish a coherent market valuation. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to plan the most effective advertising promotion in newspapers and trade publications, both printed and online. To advertise all the properties that have been entrusted to the circuit, we have our website www.limmobiliare.com with captivating and easy-to-use graphics. The property will also be advertised, thanks to important agreements, on the main portals of the sector. By entrusting the task exclusively to a member of the Circuit, it will also be possible to make use of the other operators present in the area through the online database. Furthermore, visits to the property are always carried out with selected clients and accompanied by our consultants. We then provide you with periodic reports on the activities carried out and on the negotiations in progress, following you up to the notarial deed.



   - Commercial evaluation
   - Written estimate experiences
   - Feasibility studies for operations
   - Home staging
   - Photoshoot
   - Video service
   - Paper advertising promotion
   - Online advertising promotion
   - Visits selected customers
   - Preliminary drafting
   - Drafting of lease contracts
   - Preliminary registration
   - Notarial assistance
   - Legal assistance
   - Technical-architectural assistance
   - Acoustic checks
   - Credit assistance
Types of residential activities
   - Purchase
   - Lease
   - Exchange management
   - Construction sites
   - Fractions
   - Investment opportunity
Types of commercial / management activities
   - Purchase
   - Lease
Types of foreign activities
   - Purchase
   - Lease
   - Investment opportunity
Types of luxury real estate activities
   - Purchase
   - Lease
   - Exchange management
   - Construction sites
   - Fractions
   - Investment opportunity
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